Wirecast 7.7 Supports NDI Broadcasting

telestream-logoWirecast, the popular video production application produced by Telestream, added input support for Newtek’s NDI protocol in its previous update, version 7.6. Wirecast 7.7 is now on the street and the latest version of the program also allows Wirecast to send video signals over NDI. From a recent Telestream e-mail blast:

Last month we released the first support for NDI sources with Wirecast 7.6. This release made it possible for Wirecast to automatically detect and receive any video or audio that was broadcast via Newtek’s high-quality, low-latency NDI protocol.

Now, let’s go the other direction with Wirecast 7.7! We’ve just made it possible to broadcast your Wirecast program output across your Local Area Network, using Newtek’s NDI protocol.

Send your broadcast to other Wirecast systems on your network to share the workload, or pass your signal to other switchers, monitors, and NDI-enabled apps!

We’ve written a lot about Newtek’s NDI protocol here at Pro Gear Guru. NDI allows for the transfer of high-quality video over computer networks. Now that Wirecast is supporting both NDI input and output, any production machine running Wirecast will be able to ingest video from any other NDI-enabled device on its network, and also send that video to any other NDI-enabled device. This new addition will make Wirecast a very powerful tool for any production that requires multiple video sources.

Wirecast 7.7 is a free upgrade for anyone currently using a previous 7.x version of Wirecast.