Shure is Auctioning Off Limited Edition SM58 Microphones

Shure is the most trusted audio brand worldwide. Shure has partnered with Paul McCartney and The Who to auction off limited edition graphic painted SM58 microphones. Proceeds from the auctions will go to two charities.

Shure Incorporated was founded in 1925 and is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Shure’s product line includes world-class wired microphones, wireless microphone, award-winning headphones and more.

The Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone has been used faithfully by the world’s most influential musicians since 1966. To celebrate and honor the strong connection of the SM58 to legendary musicians, Shure has partnered with both Paul McCartney and The Who to make available at auction a one-time production of 600 serialized graphic painted SM58’s.

All of the proceeds generated from the campaign will go directly toward foundations for which both artists are deeply vested, including Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday and The Who’s Teen Cancer America.

The serialized microphone will come with graphics specific to each artist. The Paul McCartney Special Edition 50th Anniversary SM58 will feature cover art from the album Kisses on the Bottom, photographed by Mary McCartney, and The Who Special Edition will feature original artwork from graphic designer Richard Evans, who has been designing The Who’s album covers and promotional visuals since 1976.

Each artist will have 300 SM58 microphones produced for the auction, with serial numbers 11-300 listed for sale at a fixed price. Additionally, Shure will be auctioning off serial numbers 1-10, which feature hand-signed autographs on the microphone handles. The limited edition microphones will be available through eBay for Charity.